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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Microstiff - Well...It's Friday and It's F. N. Stoopit!

"Duh, hi! I thought I'd kick off the first F. N. Stoopit! rant this Friday, March 2, by talking about, duh-what you guys have been callin' the "elephant in the room." I s'pose that means some folks just can't see what's right there in front of their faces."
F. N. Stoopit!

"Duh-what I think is real obvious is that the whole company, Microsoft, from top to bottom, just let Google and Corel make a big old duh-ummy out of them by giving everybody who's online, all 850 million (that's a lot, isn't it?) a chance to have free werd processing and free spredsheets and a chance to share them all with each other. I mean, sure Microsoft has a lot of money coming in every year from Werd and Excel but shouldn't they at least try to stay up with or maybe copy the other guys? That way, they could be "in the runnin'", you know..in the game, and give them there 850 million customers another choice ... maybe even the BEST choice! I've heard that duh-havin' a choice is real important to some folks, don'tcha think?"

"Things is movin' fast nowdays and it's prolley more important to LEAD in the marketplace than it is to FOLLOW, otherwise...you get caught with your britches down, fer sure! Bein' a follower was OK back when there was no Internet and a few companies. Pshaw, just look how Microsoft blew up IBM OS/2 and trampled Werdperfect real fast. Boom! Crunch! But now, how do they blow up Google Apps and Werperfect Lightning? They's way up there a floatin' in that there cloud some place!"

"If'n I was Microsoft, I'd be kinda scared; not the kinda scared that is like a basketball team or a football team when they 's way ahead and start to get real defensive and then start losing'. I'duh keep playing new plays and run just as hard so that I could feel like I was a doin' something; you know....like I was alive! The other way, I'duh just be hopin' they didn't catch me in time to figure out I was goofin' off. Anyway, that's just me, I guess."

"But, I'll betcha Microsoft plays just like that - Big lead, real arrowgant, just coast to the finish line! You know, the other day, I heared someone say they's "in the Nile", which don't make no sense to me...at all!""Anyway, if I's Microsoft, I sure would hate it if all them people using Google Apps and Werdperfect Lightning liked 'em so much that...no matter WHAT I DID...they just wouldn't use my stuff...let alone change over to it. Anyway, maybe that's just me."

"Oh, well...somethin' to think about. Duh, see you next Friday!"

P.S. - "You know, I swear, it still just don't make no sense to me that a company with the best werd processing software and the best spredsheet software in the world would let someone have such a big ol' head start to prove they's better than me in that there cloud.Twice'st! Not to mention them other cloud werd processors and spredsheets out there. What are they called? AjaxWrite, ThinkFree, ZohoWriter, gOffice, numsum, and ZohoSheet to name a few."

"But...I'm the only one that's F. N. Stoopit!...right?"

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