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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Microstiff - Microsoft: Tinkerbell or Captain Hook? Aargh!

Chris Messina of Citizenagency.com says,

...the truth of the matter is that the core of Microsoft never changed, and that the values that propelled it to the top were antithetical to the openness, transparency and ethics that would rule in Web 2.0."

Chris strikes a chord with me and perhaps, you, when he goes on to say,

So in extending this a little further, I think Microsoft could have benefited from taking a Tinkerbell mentality — that is, one of utter subservience and partnership with its customers — listening to them, responding, guiding forward and taking risks, all because it believed it was acting in the interest of its most important customers, and not its shareholders."

Now it seems, given the lukewarm response to Vista, that Microsoft’s Tinkerbell has, much like its mojo, died."

I think we can tell that Chris is "good folk" and someone you'd want on your side. He quotes Tim Bray in short little blurb witnessing the Softie's self-defeating behavior. Strong stuff.

I just want to add one thing - sort of a "Microstiff Denial Alert" - Tinkerbell hasn't died! She hasn't even arrived yet! Which of the Disney (Great site!) figures do you see as ruling the Evil Empire? I thought so!

No, my dear Microsofties and Softiefiles, it's Captain Hook at the helm. Aargh! And...he has several thousand Smee's to do his dirty work! (That'd be the partners and the managing sycophants, therein.)

No, dear hearts, if you've read this far, you are probably one of the many "Tinkerbells" this world needs to write the code and right the wrongs. It is the shortsighted Captain Hook's of the world who, in fear, must keep up the facade that they are in control of the ship, the customer, the marketplace, the OS...the world!

But, being a "Tinkerbell" doesn't mean being a pushover; far from it. Let's remember to keep up the good fight and maybe, just maybe, with or without the "fairy dust" we will elevate a "Tinker-Captain" to the helm. Let's just hope that the ship's excess Bounty doesn't postpone the coming Mutiny...for too long! Let's get back the MOJO!

Update: Some comfort: Remember that "People of the Lie", the facade mangers, the evil doers...have one primary trait - FEAR! So, go forth with the knowledge that those who hide the truth, should they be brave enough to read these words and others like them, are trembling from the fear of DISCOVERY and/or LOSING THE ILLUSION OF CONTROL THEY NOW HAVE. Believe it!

Mini-Microsoft: There's Ray! Plus: Plenty of Room For More Brains at Microsoft.

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