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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Microstiff – New Yahoo! Coup…Beaucoup?

Michael Arrington’s Blog at TechCrunch speaks of Yahoo’s Senior Vice President of Communications, Communities, and Front Doors, Brad Garlinghouse and his courageous call to arms at Yahoo as a “power move.” Arrington also says:

Yahoo PR isn’t saying much, other than to point out that the very existence of the memo shows that Yahoo has an open culture: “The memo itself highlights that we have an open, collaborative culture and a senior management team that is intensely committed to helping Yahoo fulfill its potential as an Internet leader.”"

To me, it’s moot that this is a power move. After reading Yahoo’s PR response and Garlinghouse’s “leaked” memo, I say…more power to yah, Brad!

Arrington goes on to say:

My guess is that Yahoo senior management has been discussing these types of changes for some time…"

If so, Brads’ their man and the power coup motive is…well…irrelevant, if not altogether mistaken . This can be supported by Arrington reporting the following:

Either way, at this point, I don’t see how Semel and Garlinghouse can both remain at Yahoo. From what I’m hearing, Semel may be the one to lose. The WSJ reports that Yahoo COO Dan Rosensweig has put Garlinghouse in charge of a working group to review how the points in the memo can be put into action."

That’s why this writer believes Yahoo’s Lieutenants, its top management team, of which Garlinghouse is a member, in effect, staged a courageous and much needed coup to begin to turn the company around.

Stay tuned for more as we dissect this startling memo and talk about how it can help or hurt Microsoft.

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