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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Microstiff – Softies on Mini Bring About Change!

Congrats to Mini and the commenters on his Blog. The way this author sees it, you have spoken up and made a difference. Isn’t that why we’re here? Here’s what you did:

"No, Friday is 'dress down day'"

"This high, Ben, you jump this high!"

"Package? Package! How could you say that!"

She sees this [myMicrosoft] as a more favorable venue to air company complaints than external blogs such as Mini-Microsoft, which she reads but does not participate in.”

It’s to your credit that your words were posted on Mini’s site.
And, it’s to LisaB’s credit that she reads your words. And, I believe she may be listening, too. Here’s why:

Looking further ahead, Brummel said the company will revamp the way managers are evaluated by their staff. Now employees can give feedback on their direct manager, but not on people further up the ladder. That's probably the biggest change on tap for myMicrosoft 2.0, she said.”

This heretofore unmentioned change is now public knowledge and, on face value, just what we wanted and needed: A way to make the manager and worker more accountable to each others goals. Let’s hope this isn’t lip service but a genuine effort to improve the relationship and thus…production.

All in all, this article melted some of the distrust I had for LisaB, which, I might add, came from the perception, real or imagined, that she was “planting” her ideas, just as I do, in the Mini blog. Where I had difficulty, was with the vitriol and deceit of the postings. I refuse to play that way and I continue to have one eye on Ms. Brummel because, after all, no matter what she does or says, she does work for…the Evil Empire. Since birds of a feather and all that…trust and deceit issues will, once again, raise their ugly heads with Ms. Brummel, I fear. I sincerely hope not.

In the meantime, I will continue to play Bad Cop to Mini’s Good Cop for as long as this blog exists. Why? The truth is fun and, after years of figuring out just what truth, is…I enjoy helping you see it and me learn more about it.

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