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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Microstiff – “I’d Buy Vista If Only You’d…”

Here’s my wish list. You know…the one that would make me want to purchase Vista. So far, you Microsofties have given me NO GOOD REASON TO BUY. Here’s what you have to do to make it worth my while:

  • Have a “hook”…a feature that says to me, “Hey, this really IS better than XP!” My vote would be the feature that’s been gossiped about which enhances Internet navigation: Four (4) simple mouse motions, at the pointer, which go back, go forward, go to bottom, “x” out of the window, refresh, whatever. Saves a lot of moving to the toolbar. Gives corporate data entry a leg up on the competition as a great time saver = more productivity. Internet surfers catch a big wave...faster.

    The laptop folks get a magically appearing little graphic, right at the pointer; just tap and go! Gives corporate road warriors faster ways to the bottom line. Laptop surfers catch a HUGE wave!

  • Guarantee an easy upgrade from XP; quick and dirty.

  • Don’t cost so freakin’ much for so little. Maybe the “hook” above would make it worthwhile.

  • Don’t confuse me so my question isn’t only WHY but WHICH ONE should I buy?

  • Make the product work just as good as my current XP…FROM DAY ONE! Why should I go backwards? I’ll wait until the pundits tell me what’s best. And, not the current batch of pundits who are all on the Microsoft payroll…LIPSTICKING MS. PIGGY!

There yah have it. The cash cow’s a little short on milk. Just further proof you guys and gals are workin’ for a company totally out of touch! Tsk.

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