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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Microstiff – Mary Jo Says MSFT to Expose Mini in 2007. Film at 11:00!

Mary Jo Foley in her RedmondMag.com Foley on Microsoft article “Microsoft Prognostications: What's Up in 2007?” says Mini will be gone in 2007. She says:

Mini-Microsoft will be outed (or just drop out). Microsoft's infamous anonymous blogger, who is known for stumping for a leaner, meaner Microsoft, has been wavering a lot over the past year as to whether he (we know the person is male) will continue in his role as Microsoft's conscience. I foresee 2007 as the year that Microsoft gets tougher on its bloggers.”

Ooooh! Look at me…I’m so scared. Whadaya gonna do, Bill, call Patricia Dunn, ex HP board member, to see how it’s done? Go ahead, Billy boy, give it your best shot. Only you better be careful because even you and your Keystone Cops will not be above the law. Tread lightly, oh Windowed one, because while some see you as the next president of these United States, there are others who wouldn’t mind seeing a “perp walk” to a waiting Mercedes 600 paddy wagon in front of Mr. Bill’s mansion. Film at 11:00

So, while you’re trampling all over free speech at Redmond, remember to perform this one project better than any that have preceded it. Because…if you treat it like Vista, for instance, poor Mini won’t be outed for, let’s say, six years. That’s plenty of time to continue telling the truth.

Same deal with Zune, Dynamics, Office 12, IP TV.

What kills me is that y’all somehow perceive Mini as a threat. He is the best single source for corporate awareness, metamorphosis, awakening, prosperity, growth with goodness, joy and more…that a company in crisis…could EVER have!

I honestly believe that the vast majority who read and comment on Mini, myself included, want to see Microsoft prosper even more than you and your lieutenants; it’s just that they want the prosperity to come with goodness, fairness and passion. They would love to wake up almost every morning and go to a job that maximizes their abilities to contribute and connect with passionate, goal-achieving peers and managers!

They would love the feel the excitement that comes with the creation and promotion of a well-thought-out product or service instead of feeling hopeless in the knowledge that their company has lost its heart…its way.

So, should you somehow stumble towards removing Mini you will unknowingly be hurting your corporate self. Here’s hoping you achieve the same amount of success in this endeavor as in others. Can we count on you? I knew we could. Film at 11:00?

Mini-Microsoft: Limited Round-Up, New Souls, and Old Problems
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