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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Microstiff-It's Sunday "Praise the Empire" time again...

This is week 2 of a new Sunday ritual: "Praise the Empire". Lord knows it's easy to criticize the Softie. So...every Sunday, to provide balance to my thoughts, give credit where credit is due and be the good person I think I am or want to be...I'll dig up some "good stuff".

Update: Yeah, I know, it's Saturday! I'm taking a little road trip. See you Monday!

So far, it has been difficult for me but...I'm doing it...still! Like the nightly news, "good stuff" can be boring so...I'll try my best to put a humorous spin on it. Here goes:

  • Microsoft Purchases Firefox! - In a move that stunned the technical community, the Softie has just announced the purchase of the Firefox web browsing company, Mozilla, for an undisclosed price. Unknown to all but a few close confidants of Bill Gates, Uber-CEO and Chairman of the Board of Microsoft Corporation, the deal was signed this Friday. Concurrent with the signing, the www.msfirefox.com web site was also christened. Refer to it for additional information.

  • "From Russia with Luff" - Some kind words about Microsoft from our Putin-ized Russian friends. When you read it, it'll give you a new slant on the sincerity and kindliness of "the boys in red." Here's some more links by the author with kindly words for the Softie. Happy reading!

  • New Xbox Game Teaches 4 Year Olds Programming - "...kids can programme a robot in a simulated world to interact, travel among various objects created by them, and even eat a virtual apple." Kudos to the Softie for looking for new ways other than employing HB1 types...as programmers. Remember now, Bill, they have to have at least 4 hours of home schooling per day and cannot work more than eight (8) hours. And, do you think it's wise to introduce them to a ruthless competitive spirit; really, "Virtually Eating Apple"? Please!

  • Microsoft's Don Dodge speaks for (against?) the Company - Kudos to Bill and Steve for allowing Don Dodge, Microsoft Emerging Business Team to dump on MSFT Legal for dumping on Google. Brad...just shut up, will yah!

    Oops! Once again, I slipped back to my old "Slap the Softie" ways. Face it, folks...it's just so easy!

    And, once again I begin morphing back into Mr. Hyde. I'll Dr. Jekyll you next Sunday!

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