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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Microstiff – The Hangover After the Vista Party: Great Reads from Around the Globe

NOTE: This Blog will be updated hour by hour so…keep coming back!

These links speak for themselves (most recent first):

  1. The "Oww" Starts Now!
  2. IT weighs in and then...checks out!
  3. Of these two parties, which is most likely to lie?
  4. Very, very ugly!
  5. It's the price, STOOPIT!
  6. More very ugly Vista news! And... this just in...customers dumbfounded?
  7. Remember when "express" meant fast?
  8. Looks like Office Live is...well...dead!
  9. This is frightening!
  10. And this...is too!
  11. And...holy shit!
  12. Hey, buddy, can you spare 3Gb?
  13. The Emperor, his clothes and the Incredible Reception!
  14. Finally...a scapegoat!
  15. A semi-heavyweight weighs in (John Halbig of Garage.com).
  16. More Piling On!
  17. Top New Slogans for Microsoft Vista.
  18. Vista 'Family Discount' Bites!........................... Back
  19. "...there's no transformational, gotta-have-it feature in Vista"
  20. Turn those speakers down or get your drive wiped!
  21. Listen to the DRM beats.
  22. Finally! No more "Blue Screen of Death".
  23. Dvorak: Windows Vista Solves Nothing
  24. YIKES! Misleading packaging (YouTube)!
  25. Upgrade Hell!
  26. How to make Bill Gates jump out of his chair.
  27. Who says Vista's expensive? Here's a dead giveaway!
  28. The anti anti-virus.
  29. The best words ever written to date re: Vista.
  30. Eye-opening comments from our staid British friends.
  31. The Big Whisper theory of Vista Genesis.
  32. Vista Security Buying Proposition Debunked.
  33. We'll Pay You to Buy Vista...Please!
  34. Vista Buyers - both of you - hang on to that XP!
  35. Ouch! PC-Mag rates Vista.
  36. The Wizards of Wow!
  37. The silence is deafening!
  38. Shhhhhhhh! More silence.
  39. Dell/Vista customers veeerrrryy unhappy.
  40. CNN Poll is a Stunner!
  41. The case for the $500 million lipstickpig Vista promotion black hole. Are you listening, stockholders?
  42. Did you see those ads? They were awful!
  43. Whew! Spread the blame on a caste of thousands (well...330 maybe)!
  44. ...and not ONE good reason to buy!
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