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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Microstiff - About Mini & Me...You Might be Surprised!

At the risk of over-publishing, I thought you should know the truth about Mini and Me and our relationship. I have no second thoughts about telling you because....well...it's the truth.

First, let me say how appreciative I am that there is such a thing as Mini-Microsoft. As a writer and a geek I've come from 8080 DOS to Vista and WordStar to WordPerfect to Word. I must say that Microsoft Office applications are without a doubt the best productivity solutions in the world.

But I, like others, have had issues with Bill Gates and his methods of doing business. And, I believe that the rank and file at Microsoft are truly good people in a generally evil company. What a great place to do some good through Mini-Microsoft!

Now, the surprise. Mini is my bastard half brother. No, just kidding! The surprise is that Mini and I have absolutely no conversant contact with each other. He publishes me when he wants and I'll sign my comments as either Anonymous or Microstiff.

My point is this. The guy is sterling! (I think it's a guy). He tries as hard as anybody I know or have known to see both sides. Softies, you have a gem here. And, I am not just kissing up. Losing Mini to me only means I can't comment on his blog as Microstiff. No big deal.

Why am I saying all this? So you'll know that we work independently and yet complement each other rather naturally. Mini is very good at shutting down my more vociferous Microstiff/anonymous posts. I'll usually reread and rewrite after a denial from him or...just throw it all away. So, you are being represented very well, at Microsoft, by this guy.

Keep posting to him and tell him what you think. I don't believe there is any legal way you can loose your anonymity when posting from a non-company computer. Keep up the good work, Softies!

"Illegitimi non-carborundum"

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