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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Microstiff – Pullin’ Some Good Numbers Here, Mini!

In my quest for truth, justice and the American way, I thought I’d see if my words are bringing any readers to the Mini effort. Turns out my “piggybacking” is getting some good numbers. I hooked up with Google’s AdSense, not so much to make a few shekels but, to measure the hits. Surprise, surprise!

Won’t say how many but, enough for this author to blink twice and feel renewed regarding the rather symbiotic role I play with Mini. (Remember, folks, Mini and I don’t talk; it’s probably better that way).

So, I’ll continue to scour the lower regions while Mini feeds more near the top and, with your help, we can collectively…clean up the lake!

Carry on.

Mini-Microsoft: Random October Bits

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