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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Microstiff - We've Got Big Butts, They've got Big Butts, But the Biggest Butts of All...

Softies, this is just a repost since Brier Dudley pre-empted my previous butt post. Hmmmm! Methinks there is something strange going on. Anyway, carry on:

Oh, BTW, three (3) new captions for LisaB pic here.

Check out the Ballmer Butt Bandits - New comment on Random October Bits Cutting Room Floor. The banner ad I see is trying to sell me “Anti Monkey Butt Powder”. Glad I could open you up to a whole new world of niche products. Gonna git me some!

Mini says SteveB is great one-on-one, which is a bit surprising in a posting with the title beginning “Ballmer Butt Bandits” but, who am I to judge?

Inside SteveB

Also, we get a rare peek into the inner sanctum, as it were, with a visual of Mini and SteveB, one-on-one, yucking it up. Nice guy. SteveB. He gets it!

Well, Mini, I get it too and, a lot like SteveB, I ain’t using it! I’m trying but, these little forays into poison pen purgatory have limited effect. But, I press ahead without fear.

And, that’s where SteveB and I differ because I believe SteveB is immobilized with fear; that he’s reaching for the Peter of his Principles, and with things not so firmly in hand, is fearfully pissing away the future of Microsoft!

Put another way, he’s writing his name in the snow but it’s illegible. And, it’s waaaaay too late to teach him Spenserian. “Here, let me show you, Steve. Not this writer, thank you very much! No, it’s time for someone with more Peter and equal Principle. Someone who ben dere, done dat. Otherwise, it’s gonna be one foot in the desktop, one in the Cloud and…a corporate pulled groin for the effort.

Too much allegory? Let’s try this: Stockholders. If you’re reading this. For the sake of your investment. For the sake of the strategic future of Microsoft. Tell SteveB thanks for the above average job to this point but, we need someone to take us forward. Happens to everyone. It’s happenin’ to you. Here’s your watch, here’s your trillion dollars. Thank you. Goodbye.

Rebutt the Shillmeister

Shillmeister’s up to new tricks. Said this:

">> My FUD just mirrors what most Softies have: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Your FUD mirrors MSFT's F@#Ked Up Decisions!>>

Tsk, tsk... Such animosity, sir... I think most people here realize by now that you don't constructively have the best interest of the company in mind... Since you are not an employee and you don't seem to be a concerned customer, what motivates you to kick us when we're down and to demonize us when we do something right?

Constructively, you'll probably get more real credibility here if you stopped calling us Softies."

Wow! Just now figured this one out. This is where the INTERNAL clever writer pits this EXTERNAL clever writer against the rank-and-file!

Not true, Softies! (What else should I call you? Tell me.) I want your success. You're good for us all. Just want you to get to the point where, when we hear your corporate name, we think "nice thoughts."

And, you need outside folks like me with no skin in the game to tell it like it is. Arrogant? Perhaps, but, in my heart-of-hearts, I want to do you right.

So, I wouldn't ever want to kick you when you're down (when have you been down?) and your leaders do a much better job than I could ever do, of demonizing you. I just hope you will rise up above the muck and mire of your sleazy corporate image and, one-by-one, day-by-day...prove us wrong. Go Softies!

Mini-Microsoft: Random October Bits

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